ONE HAPPY FAMILY United in vision, contribute to our community
快乐一家 于愿景下精诚团结 在社区内作出贡献


Giving makes the world a better place and at Jeta Gardens, volunteering can make the world of difference to each and every individual’s happiness.



Make a difference

Volunteers play an integral role at Jeta Gardens and provide even more support and assistance to our staff. Our volunteers bring with them, the passion, talents and skills to brighten our residents day and are an asset to our organisation.

We highly value the connection to the local community that our volunteers provide. While people choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons, one of the most commonly acknowledged motivators is a sense of purpose and feelings of altruism. Jeta Gardens volunteers have the pleasure of interacting with our inspiring residents from a rich cultural heritage with many wonderful life stories to share.

Jeta Gardens recognises the individual talents of our volunteers and as such, we don’t seek to fill structured roles – rather we find the best way to showcase our volunteers’ experiences and passions. Volunteers have the opportunity to expand their horizons by pursuing interests in new areas if they desire.

If you are interested in becoming a highly valued member of our family and want to volunteer at Jeta Gardens, please contact us for further details on 1800 227 818.





如果您有兴趣成为我们这个大家庭珍贵的一员,并要在颐康园从事志愿工作,请联络我们以便获得更多详情。请拨电:1800 227 818