ONE HAPPY FAMILY Moving forward with technology
快乐一家 与科技齐步向前


Imagine a future where residents can access comprehensive medical and health care within the comfort of their home. This is now a reality at Jeta Gardens with an innovative new system.



Streamlined continuum of care

Telehealth is an integrated health care system that has been set up in partnership with the University of Queensland Centre for Online Health (UQCOH). Together UQCOH and Jeta Gardens are pioneering the way for residents in residential care to access a range of innovative health and medical services using a computer or tablet without needing to leave the comfort of their premise.

Residents are able to have consultation through video conference with their doctor and should there be any decisions made as an outcome of the consultation, qualified nurses and carers are at hand to ensure any requirements are fulfilled.

The ingenuity of the telehealth system is a reduced need for health-related transport, decreasing cost and stress while fostering a channel of clear communication between the resident, their doctor and those that ensure their daily nursing and caring needs are met.

For residents this means that health and medical needs will be more comprehensively supported and monitored with a seamless initiation of strategies to improve the quality of life they enjoy.


远距医疗系统为一项严密协调的健康护理系统,颐康园已和中澳大学合作而设立该项远距医疗系统 (简称UQCOH)。UQCOH 与颐康园联手为安养护理院的住户带头开拓了一条新管道,使用电脑或平板电脑而无须离开舒服的住所,就能进行系列革新的健康与医疗服务。