ONE HAPPY FAMILY Residential care at its best
快乐一家 无微不至的安养护理


Jeta Gardens is a meeting place for Eastern and Western cultures, where compassion and joy flourish within the philosophy of hospitality and care.



A true sense of home

Opened in 2007 and impeccably maintained, Jeta Gardens offers all residents accommodation of exceptional quality and comfort, with specific support available for dementia, palliative and respite care. There are two suites and several interconnecting rooms that cater for couples, however the remainder are single rooms with private en-suites.

Suites are available either in Silver, Gold or Platinum; some configurations boasting extensive garden and panoramic views while others have direct garden access. All suites have a 24-hour nurse call button, both beside the bed and in the en-suite.

Furnishings include a bed, bedside table, chair, built-in-wardrobe and block out curtains to provide a comfortable and safe environment. Residents are encouraged to personalise their suite with their own furniture and keepsakes. The room temperature can be adjusted to the residents’ preference with options of individually controlled air-conditioners, ceiling fan and window ventilation.

Residents enjoy the most up-to-date technology with provision for phone line, computer, television and satellite channels (multi-language) in the suites and further internet hotspots available within the Resort.


颐康园乃于 2007 年正式开放并始终保持完美无暇,为所有住户提供其独有的优质服务与舒适的住所,特别在护理老人失智症、临终关怀与暂缓护理上提供具体护理理念。这里拥有两间套房式及数所相通房间以招待结伴而来者,余下的多为附有私用浴室的单人房。

待用套房分为白银、黄金和白金三种款式;其中一些格局还可眺望广大的花园和全景,其他则可直通花园。所有套房的床旁及浴室内皆设置 24 小时呼叫护士按钮。