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快乐一家 放心,您已受到我们的全面照护。

Security & Assurance

A founding philosophy at Jeta Gardens is a commitment to ‘ageing in place’ and welcoming each and every resident to the community with dignity and respect.



Peace of mind

Jeta Gardens believes in the importance of striking the right balance between the independence, support and security of its residents.

This is why the villas and apartments have been designed with the safety of the residents in mind. Internal features include single level flooring, no trip hazards, wider doorways, suitable fixtures and fittings, gas-burner stoves with automatic safety feature and anti-slip floor tiles in wet areas. In addition, smoke detectors, no-motion sensors and access to Jeta Gardens’ 24-hour emergency call system are fitted in all of the living areas so residents can live independently with confidence.

Jeta Gardens is a gated community, giving residents the confidence that their home is secure. The community itself provides an ever-present sense of neighbourhood watch in a living community where neighbours, family and friends come and go at all times.