ONE HAPPY FAMILY A vibrant retirement community in Bethania
快乐一家 比坦尼亚:一个生气勃勃的退休社区。


Set on a bend of the Logan River in Bethania, Jeta Gardens boasts expansive and picturesque grounds landscaped in traditional Eastern style.


座落于贝德尼亚 (Bethania) 洛根河畔的颐康园,

Connected and tranquil

Jeta Gardens offers both locality and liveability; situated only 30 minutes drive north to Brisbane City or south to the Gold Coast City Central via the nearby Pacific Motorway (M1). An expansive and serene environment is created as the vast majority of its 64 acres of grounds has being reserved for landscaped gardens and parklands.

Waterford Plaza Shopping Centre is only two kilometres away, featuring several cafés, restaurants, and supermarkets.  Beyond is the Logan Hyperdome Shopping Centre, also offering major retailers, movie theatres, dining destinations and access to major supermarkets all within the one location. Sunnybank, the Asian Hub of Brisbane is just 20 minutes away.

There are many other shopping and dining destinations along with sporting facilities such as the Beenleigh Bowls and Recreation Club and the Logan City Golf Club within a short drive to Beenleigh or Logan City. Excellent medical facilities and the Logan Public Hospital are also conveniently located close by.

The nearby bus stop (300m) and Bethania railway station (1.3km) make it easy for residents of Jeta Gardens to travel further afield.


颐康园既是福地又是安居之所;仅需 30 分钟车程即可北上布里斯班 (Brisbane) 市,或取道邻近的太平洋公路(M1)南下黄金海岸 (Gold Coast) 市区中心。这片广达64亩辽阔且环境优美如画的土地,大部分保留作为造景花园和草原绿地用途。

只两公里之遥的沃特福德 (Waterford) 广场购物中心,其特色包括多间咖啡座、餐馆以及超市。较远处的洛根 (Logan) 特大型购物中心,也汇集了许多主要的零售商店、电影院、餐饮特区,并可从此中心点通往多个主要超市。布里斯班的亚洲人集聚地Sunnybank,也仅需20分钟车程即可抵达。

还有其他许多购物和用餐场所,以及体育设施诸如宾莱 (Beenleigh) 保龄与休闲俱乐部,以及洛根 (Logan) 高球俱乐部,都在宾莱 (Beenleigh) 或洛根 (Logan) 市附近。优质的医药设施与洛根公利医院也都近在咫尺,十分方便。

距颐康园 300 米远的巴士候车站以及1.3公里外的贝德尼亚 (Bethania) 火车站,为居民提供了便捷的远行交通。