ONE HAPPY FAMILY Support and care so you can age in place
快乐一家 热诚的援助照顾 快乐的安位颐年

Home Care Packages

Individually tailored support provides residents at Jeta Gardens and those in the surrounding area the confidence and ability to continue living independently in the comfort of their own homes.



Support as you need

A little help can make all the difference and Jeta Gardens understands everyone wants to enjoy the freedom that comes from living independently at home for as long as possible.

To help residents of Jeta Gardens and those in South Brisbane and Logan River Valley districts achieve this, Jeta Gardens offer Home Care Packages provided by their own trained multilingual and culturally knowledgeable staff.

Each Home Care Package is specially designed to suit the residents’ individual needs, and the mix of services and support can be easily adjusted as needs may change over time. Home care services include:

  • Personal care, such as help with bathing, showering, dressing and personal hygiene
  • Domestic services, for example cleaning and laundry services
  • Meal preparation and assistance
  • Assistance with transport for shopping and medical appointments
  • Recreational programs to help residents stay active and social

Extra services, such as home-delivered meals and grocery deliveries, can also be arranged on request.

Jeta Gardens Home Care Packages are subsidised by the Federal Government. To be eligible residents must first have their care needs assessed by a Government Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) which staff at Jeta Gardens can help organise in the comfort of residents’ own home, should they prefer.



为协助颐康园的居民以及在布里斯班 (Brisbane) 南部和洛根河谷 (Logan Valley) 地区居民达成所愿,颐康园推出家居护理配套服务,并由其所培训的、擅长多种语言和文化能力的员工提供服务。


  • 个人护理,譬如协助洗澡、冲浴、换穿衣服与照顾个人卫生。
  • 家务服务,例如清理和洗衣服务。
  • 协助及准备膳食。
  • 协助购物与求医的交通安排。
  • 拟定休闲节目以协助居民保持身心活跃和开朗。