ONE HAPPY FAMILY Harvest todays’ afternoon crop with neighbours
快乐一家 与邻居们进行 ‘当下收割’ 农作物的午后活动。


Tranquil parklands and landscaped surrounds create an environment of harmony and peace, showcasing a traditional Chinese garden and lake featuring authentic pagoda and bridge.



Garden Paradise

Nestled on the banks of the Logan River, the majority of the Jeta Gardens’ 64-acre site comprises vast landscaped gardens and parklands. Within this expansive garden paradise there are plenty of spaces and seated areas for residents to enjoy both relaxing and being active with family and friends.

Reflective of the Eastern philosophies and oriental heritage of Jeta Gardens, is the authentic Chinese gardens with feature willow trees and exotic plants, pagoda and bridge crossing the lake, creating a sense of tranquillity and pleasure.

Beyond the lake is the residents’ vegetable and herb garden, a garden bed built on a raised platform making ‘organic farming’ at Jeta Gardens an easy and enjoyable leisure time pursuit.

For those who wish to be more active, there are nearly two and a half kilometres of walking trails that are also bicycle friendly, to be explored while enjoying the serene environment.




除了园内湖泊,有居民的蔬菜和香草花园、一个高出地面的种植平台可耕种 “有机农业物”,在颐康园里是一项既轻松又可享受休闲时光的消遣。