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Future Masterplan

The vision of Jeta Gardens is to create a retirement and aged care community wherein the full spectrum of accommodation, services and facilities are offered at one destination.



A true intergenerational community

Jeta Gardens is a joint venture between KPJ Healthcare Malaysia, the leader in Malaysia’s healthcare services industry and Founder, Mr Choe Lam Tan and his group of local investors.

Both KPJ Healthcare and Mr Choe Lam Tan share the same ambition, to deliver retirement and aged care services that combine both Eastern and Western culture to bring the very best services and accommodation to our community. Together, they are committed to providing a safe, considered and professional service with the integrity and respect residents deserve.

KPJ Healthcare and Mr Tan continue to build on their vision for Jeta Gardens. Plans are now approved to transform it into a true intergenerational community, with more accommodation choices, facilities, geriatric hospital, nursing college and student accommodation, childcare centre, medical centre and pharmacy.

Stage 2 is well underway with the construction of the new contemporary 72-bed residential aged care wing. The new wing is scheduled to be delivered in the first quarter of 2015. The future development stages at Jeta Gardens will see an additional 12 brand new villas constructed to begin in the third quarter of 2014. Future stages of apartments are planned for 2015.

For more information or construction updates, please contact us on 1800 227 818.






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