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Q01. Why should I consider moving into residential care at Jeta Gardens? + READ ANSWER

Reasons are not necessarily straightforward and depend on a number of factors including your state of health, ability to cope on your own, and need to develop friendships during this important stage of life.

We recommend you discuss the options with your family, friends and health advisors before deciding on the move. Jeta Gardens is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best support and care to live life to its fullest.

Q02. What makes Jeta Gardens different from any other residential care facility? + READ ANSWER

The Jeta Gardens community is one happy family where uncompromising love and respect ensure a fulfilling lifestyle. Our core values of joy and compassion, underwritten by decades of Eastern culture, provide an ideal environment for health and wellbeing.

Q03. How do I know I need to move into residential care? + READ ANSWER

Everybody is an individual; with differing needs and circumstance. Just ask yourself how you are managing daily living tasks and if your present lifestyle is meeting your care and social expectations. Those closest to you may express concerns on how you are coping in your own home, it is important to discuss your options with them.

Q04. What is ACAT? + READ ANSWER

To assist you in assessing your care and lifestyle needs an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) member will visit you at home. The assessment is free and funded by the Australian Government and is completed by a team of health professionals who understand the challenges we face as we age and will recommend the best solution to meet your needs. Their assessment will reveal the appropriate type of care to enable you to live comfortably.

Q05. Is there a waiting list? + READ ANSWER

Yes, a list exists however is discretionary depending on the individuals circumstance. Our unique model attracts high occupancy however we assess people on their needs (clinically and socially) to ensure those who are most suited are given priority access.

Q06. Can I have my own room? + READ ANSWER

Yes, all rooms are designed for the individual occupancy as well as accommodate couples. While we recognise the lifestyle advantages of social interaction and enduring friendships, we understand the resident’s need for privacy and respect. Our rooms are larger than average, tastefully furnished with individual en suites.

Q07. Do you have accommodation for couples? + READ ANSWER

Yes, you are welcome as a couple with a suite of rooms to meet your needs. If the ACAT assessment only applies to one person we can accommodate your spouse in the adjacent village ensuring that the dignity and lifestyle of couples are maintained and you’re never too far from your beloved.

Q08. What if I only need care for a short period of time? + READ ANSWER

Jeta Gardens provides respite care for those people who need care for a short period. Our community provides you, as a respite resident, the opportunity to make new enduring friendships and be part of the Jeta Gardens family.

Q09. Who will be caring for me (or my loved one)? + READ ANSWER

Jeta Gardens has a hand-selected team of registered nurses and professional care staff rich in the knowledge of culture and languages. Each person is carefully assessed on their clinical ability and capacity to uphold our uncompromising values. We have a continuous professional development program to ensure all staff comprehend and apply contemporary clinical techniques and care procedures.

Q10. What if I (or my loved one) can’t speak English? + READ ANSWER

Language is no barrier to a fulfilling Jeta Gardens lifestyle. On each shift we roster staff with a range of linguistic skills. We rejoice in our cultural diversity recognising that each resident uniquely contributes to our family lifestyle.

Q11. Is Jeta Gardens accredited? + READ ANSWER

Yes, we enjoy the full 44 standard accreditation status. Our compliance is regularly assessed by the Accreditation Agency. Jeta has a continuous improvement program of quality enhancement.

Q12. What will it cost? + READ ANSWER

Each prospective resident is assessed by the Commonwealth Government (through Centrelink) to ascertain the contribution required on entry and the daily care and accommodation fees. A Government managed safety net program ensures no resident or their family is subject to unreasonable financial pressure.

Q13. Are there any activities? + READ ANSWER

Yes, we pride ourselves on a comprehensive program of activities organised and managed by a qualified team of therapists. Programs are designed to meet residents’ physical and psychological capabilities. We celebrate special events and festivals relating to our mix of cultural and national events as well as celebrating iconic Australian days. Weekly outings and tours are another special part of our activity program.

Q14. Are pets allowed? + READ ANSWER

Pets are allowed in the outdoor café and gardens. Unfortunately not in the aged care zones. However, in our retirement living zones, we welcome pets (subject to assessment by management) that do not interfere with the everyday lives of fellow residents and are reasonably well-behaved.



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