Frequently Asked Questions

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Q01. Why should I consider moving into retirement at Jeta Gardens? + READ ANSWER

Entering Jeta Gardens’ retirement living community should be viewed as a lifestyle decision, not a real estate investment. Residents are welcomed into our ‘one happy family’ contributing to the vibrant village culture and atmosphere achieved today. Jeta Gardens provides a unique diversity of cultures, family values, and enduring friendships. As need arises we provide services and care to ensure you enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle.

Q02. What type of accommodation is available? + READ ANSWER

To comply with the Retirement Villages Act 1999 we are unable to offer rental accommodation. This legislation protects your lifestyle and financial interests. Through a prepaid 99 year lease your occupancy rights are fully protected. Our registered Public Information Document (PID) details your rights and ensures you receive full legislative protection under the Act.

Q03. Will I own the apartment or unit? + READ ANSWER

You will occupy the villa or apartment under a 99 year prepaid lease as prescribed in our ‘Public Information Document’ (PID) registered under the Retirement Villages Act 1999. Effectively you receive unconditional right to occupy as if you were granted title to the villa or apartment. Each lease is registered against the village title providing complete legal protection.

Q04. Is there a minimum age requirement? + READ ANSWER

Yes, to maintain the true lifestyle spirit we prescribe a minimum age of 55 years. All occupants are registered in the lease documents.

Q05. When will the restaurant and café be open? + READ ANSWER

The restaurant and ‘My Café’ in the clubhouse is open for residents and guests every day (including weekends) from noon to 2pm for lunch. Morning, afternoon tea and refreshments are served all day. Village residents enjoy regular evening meals and functions as part of Jeta Gardens extensive social activity program.

Q06. Can I have visitors, such as my grandchildren, come and stay? + READ ANSWER

The villa or apartment is your home and it is your choice who you invite to stay. Jeta Gardens does have restrictions on long term stays to preserve the integrity of village life.



Q01. 为何我需要考虑迁入颐康园退休村? + 参阅答复


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Q03. 我可否拥有自己的公寓或别墅? + 参阅答复

诚如我们在 1999 退休村法令下所注册之公众资讯文件 (PID) 中所述及者,您可通过 99 年租赁契约条件以入住别墅或公寓单位。实际上,当您得到别墅或公寓单位的准许认证的同时,您已无条件获得入住权利。每份租赁契约都在具有完整法律保障的村居所有权下进行注册。

Q04. 是否有最低年龄要求? + 参阅答复

是的。我们规定的最低年龄是 55 岁,以维护这里真正的生活方式所具有的精神。入住者也必须在租赁契约文件上进行登记。

Q05. 餐厅和咖啡座何时开放营业? + 参阅答复

设在俱乐部会所的餐厅与 ‘My Café’,每天(包括周休日)由上午八时至下午三时,开放给住户及来宾享用。上下午茶、午餐和茶点则全天供应不断。退休村住户可享用定时的晚餐以及颐康园特有而广泛多彩的社交活动节目。



Q06. 可否让我的访客,比如我的儿孙们来探望和过宿 ? + 参阅答复