ONE HAPPY FAMILY Welcome to our family
快乐一家 欢迎莅临我们的大家庭


Join a family focused on living everyday to its fullest in the surrounds of a vibrant and active community.



Become a member of our family

Being unique in the space, we want to employ people who have a desire to provide the very best customer service in an environment that provides support and happiness to our deserving residents.

We believe that to deliver exceptional service, we need exceptional staff. Jeta Gardens’ seeks to employ people who share a passion for supporting our residents in careers areas such as nursing, administration, allied health, lifestyle and maintenance.

If you would like to celebrate the journey of life and bring joy to our community, please contact us for further details on 1800 227 818.

Jeta Gardens Employment Application Form (Editable PDF) [Click to download]




如果您向往步入这段人生旅程,并愿为我们的社区带来欢乐,请联络我们以获得更多详情。电话:1800 227 818