ONE HAPPY FAMILY Master your skills in any interest
快乐一家 掌握更高技巧 发挥多样才华


The enjoyment and satisfaction experienced by being part of Jeta Gardens’ community is discovered within the rich array of activities and events that are offered.



Harmony in Diversity

Jeta Gardens welcomes people from all cultures and backgrounds and this is reflected in the activities and events that are available. Residents can choose to participate in as much or as little as they like, everything from karaoke to indoor lawn bowls, dancing, Mahjong, tai chi in the peaceful gardens, calligraphy classes or the many other arts and crafts activities that are on offer.

Another very popular pastime among existing residents is ‘organic farming’ in the raised vegetable and herb garden beds.

A Lifestyle Activities Co-ordinator organises weekly activities and excursions for residents. These range from daily yum cha lunches through to shopping centre visits and trips to the Gold Coast in the community bus.

The cultural diversity of the residents at Jeta Gardens means there are many different traditional celebrations that take place throughout the year that residents can be involved in – Chinese New Year, Australia Day and St Patrick’s Day, to name a few. All residents, their family and friends are welcome to join in and discover the many other cultures and beliefs that make the community at Jeta Gardens truly unique.