ONE HAPPY FAMILY A team committed to delivering a vision
快乐一家 决心将愿景实现的团队

Our people

Jeta Gardens is a joint venture between Mr Choe Lam Tan and his group of local investors and KPJ Healthcare, the leader in Malaysia’s healthcare services industry.



Strength in partnership

Over 30 years ago, when the career of Mr Choe Lam Tan, Founder of Jeta Gardens, was beginning to blossom his father suffered a stroke. Being a good son he resigned from his job as an industrial engineer to care for his father. However it made him wonder, do children need to forego a career to perform a duty?

After retiring many years later but with the question of elderly care still embedded in his mind, Mr Tan agreed to serve on the Queensland Seniors Council. The more he learnt about the ageing population, the more he felt compelled to improve not just the quality of life for seniors, but also the lifestyle they enjoy as well as that of their families.

In 2002, with the simple aim of creating a place where older people could feel at home, Mr Tan and his group of local investors established Jeta Gardens. Their driving vision was for people to experience and celebrate cultural diversity within an environment offering retirement and aged care services that combine Eastern values with the very latest Western technology. In 2011, KPJ Healthcare became partners of Jeta Gardens, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in Healthcare and the financial capability required to for the future growth of Jeta Gardens.

Together, Mr Tan and KPJ Healthcare are committed to providing a safe, considered and professional service with the integrity and respect their residents deserve.


30 多年前,当陈楚南先生 — 颐康园创办人 — 的事业正开始茁壮之际,其父亲突然中风在床。奉亲至孝的他毅然辞去工业工程师的高职,回乡照顾老父。无论如何,这项突变使他深思起来:作为儿女者,需要放弃他的事业来尽孝道吗?


在 2002 年,纯粹为年长者打造一个有家的温暖的地方,陈先生和他当地一批投资者创立了颐康园。他们的强烈愿景乃为使人们能在同一个大环境内去体验和庆赞多元文化之美,而提供了这个具有儒家价值观融合最新西方科技的退休村与长者护理服务。2011 年,柔佛医药保健集团成为颐康园的合伙人,引进了他们丰富的保健经验和财资能力,以增强颐康园的成长实力。