ONE HAPPY FAMILY Pride in strong foundations
快乐一家 坚实基础的满足感

Proud to be involved

It’s definitely an achievement to be recognised for something we are so passionate about.

有幸参与 深感自豪


Jeta Gardens and Mr Choe Lam Tan has been awarded the following at the 4th AAIF (Ageing Asia Investment Forum) in Singapore – 1st Asia Pacific Eldercare Innovation Awards.

  1. Major award – Eldercare facility of the year 2013
  2. Special Recognition Award – Dignified Ageing Initiative

From Media Release:

The first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region, the awards dinner gathered over 150 guests to come together to recognise the best in eldercare & healthcare, and to applaud organisations who have displayed innovative contributions to change the way the region’s Seniors age.

Major Awards winner for Eldercare Facility of the Year 2013, Jeta Gardens Group, Australia’s Mr Tan Choe Lam, Managing Director shared, “I think it’s very timely to launch this awards to spur people to address ageing issues, and an awards like this does give encouragement and to inspire to be better so that we can all together achieve something better”.

In his speech, Mr Tan dedicated his award to the residents and staff at Jeta Gardens. Jeta Gardens is the Australia’s first retirement and aged care community that applies eastern values and philosophies to its design, services and management.


Jeta Gardens and Mr Choe Lam Tan has been awarded 2011 Australia Over 50s Housing Award – The Best Business Strategy in over 50s Housing Sector in Australasia in 2011.


Jeta Gardens has been awarded 2008 State Winner – Lifestyle Housing for Seniors.



  1. 重要奖项 – 2013 年度最佳长者护理设施
  2. 卓越赏识奖长者尊严原创理念


在亚太区一个绝无仅有的颁奖宴会上,云集了超过 150 位各国嘉宾,一齐为长者护理与保健事业的佼佼者的产生见证,并为那些展示其革新成果且为改变本区域年长者的晚年生活作出贡献的机构喝彩。

2013 年度最佳长者护理设施大奖得主,为来自澳洲颐康园集团的陈楚南先生,这位董事经理在分享时说:我想这些奖项的颁发正应其时,可激发人们去正视人口老化问题,而这些奖项也能鼓舞和激励我们去做得更好,进而齐心全力去达致更高成就。



颐康园与陈楚南先生也曾在 2011 年澳洲Over 50s 房产计划奖项中,获得房产项目的最佳营业策略奖。


颐康园也是 2008 年昆省长者生活方式住宅奖之得主。